The Vida Human Reproduction Science Institute,  with facilities in Mexico in the cities of Guadalajara, León, Matamoros, Mérida and México DF, provides the latest advancements in Reproductive Medicine, Perinatology and Genetics, to help infertile couples reach pregnancy and conceive a healthy baby.  Our directors in each center are recognized leaders in the field.

Some of the techniques we offer to our patients are: Artificial Insemination AI, In Vitro Fertilization IVF, ICSI Fertilization,  IMSI, PICSI, Assisted hatching, blastocyst culture, vitrification, sex selection, mini-IVF, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and  fertility preservation. Each case is discussed thoroughly to offer the option with the best prognosis.

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Instituto Vida Mission

We are a private institution dedicated to help infertile couples that have not achieved their most precious dream. Our staff is highly trained and the facilities and equipment are cutting edge. Our treatment is highly professional, humane and ethical. We are affiliated with institutions in academics and in quality control of our service. We aim to help every time a larger number of patients.

Instituto Vida Vision

To care with excellent results to all infertile patients who seek attention with us. Also, become one of the most prestigious national and international levels. Maintain the continuous training, support research and obtain benefits accordantly to our productivity. Grow in quality and services maintaining out patient care as our top priority.

Instituto Vida Values

  • Professionalism (Institution certified and board approved Specialists, quality control, constant updating)
  • Humanism (Ethics, respect, discretion, understanding, responsibility, honesty, spirit of service, teamwork, sensitivity)
  • Dedication (Effort, work, study, punctuality, availability, desire to help, enthusiasm, innovation)


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