Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

About two weeks, during the first week it is not necessary to have an appointment every day, but during the second week an appointment is needed at least every third day.
Yes, the beginning of the treatment can be carried out with your medical doctor and also your husband can attend only on a specified date. We send medication and instructions to your medical doctor and we maintain communication via email or phone.
Yes, because sometimes we are able to detect pathologies with a simple solution using laparoscopy, hysteroscopy or medication, which significantly improves your probabilities of achieving a pregnancy. This initial visit also allows an integral evaluation, to address your concerns, to inform, solve questions and provide you with the best alternative. Also you will have the opportunity to get to know us and our center. We believe it is worthwhile to make this travel investment.
It depends on what you need; this is the reason we need to make an integral evaluation. Our prices are very affordable and competitive compared to centers of similar quality level. Since the procedures available are very different, our prices vary. Our costs are broken down in several parts. If you are looking for the least expensive treatment regardless of the quality, then we are not your best choice.
Yes, these are frequent causes to perform assisted reproduction. We can directly extract sperm from the testicle with a minor biopsy. There are good possibilities also for severe endometriosis and for highly altered sperm counts.
Yes, this is a common and effective procedure.
As you can see in this web page we offer medical treatment for men and women and laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. Assisted reproduction is not required in many cases. We specialize in cases where in vitro fertilizations have failed. We have the latest advanced technology for your treatment.
No, basic infertility treatment or in vitro fertilization and its variants are not covered, however most surgical treatments that in addition to infertility cause pain, bleeding or discomfort are covered. Due to the pressure of several organizations, including our institute, we are certain this will change soon.
Yes, some patients are able to obtain medication from the institutions to which they are affiliated or by some other type of contacts.
Yes, however we have a cash payment discount.
The advantage of internet is that now you can review the curriculum of the medical doctor you are interested in treating you, the certifications of their center, the technology that they offer, their publications, you can review videos of these medical doctors explaining common problems. You can even inquire with serious medical associations if your medical doctor is qualified and certified.
Beforehand, I would prefer you send me an email with summary of all of the pertinent information of your case, what you’ve gone through, your test results. That way when I have a spare moment I will review it and I will respond. Skype interviews to solve questions, without an examination, are prone to incur in mistakes, and also they are difficult to coordinate. As we prefer the personal contact and the opportunity to listen to your case, analyze your test results, perform an examination, we spend most of your time on appointments. If you are already a patient or are in treatment, there is no problem to coordinate a telephone call or a Skype conversation.
Yes, if the woman’s conditions put her life in serious danger if a pregnancy is attempted due to a previous illness. There are situations that involve ethical conflicts and are analyzed in a group by an ethical committee. Some times the probability of achieving a pregnancy is minimal, and we recommend other alternatives.
No, only until the initial pregnancy and then we refer you to your referring obstetrician and gynecologist. In case you do not have one, we will recommend who can treat you, with high-risk pregnancies, we insist that the obstetrician be specialist in maternal-fetal medicine.
Our best publicity are satisfied couples. With our referral medical doctors, our best publicity is to return their patients with a pregnancy. We choose to spend less in publicity and invest more in technology so we can offer lower prices to you.
In this web page you will find updated contact information. You can schedule an appointment via internet or by phone.


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